Services for Companies

Helping leaders identify and react to shifting technology and market conditions.

Advisory Council

Hand-picked team of technology and industry experts to help executives and boards strategize for changing market conditions.

Discovery Workshop

Interactive working sessions with internal teams to identify and engineer solutions around specific impacts to client business models.

Red Team Review

Unencumbered third-party expert review of important decisions, technology, or strategy roadmaps to identify potential areas of risk.

Gaps We Help Companies Fill

Gaps We Help Companies Fill


Monitor the rapidly changing landscape to ensure strategy is aligned with reality on a forward-looking basis


Perspectives from other industries and types of organizations to help manage what are increasingly cross-sector disruptors


Specialized, non-core technical expertise without having to hire groups that don't support the day-to-day business

Expert Advisory Council
Bring in a cross-functional team of technical experts and industry executives at board or executive sessions to broaden your evaluation of emerging market shifts. We offer a scaleable, cost-efficient way to incorporate non-core technical expertise and industry perspectives into strategic discussions.

Client Engagement Framework

The Advisory Council is our primary engagement model for companies and public institutions. Clients benefit from being able to work with some of the biggest thinkers in critically important fields without having to incur the cost of full-time hires in non-core disciplines. We engage with clients on an advisory basis, typically meeting in comprehensive sessions monthly or quarterly. Our best fit are long-term partnerships with clients who are strategically aligned to our areas of focus.

Technical Experts

Grayline brings together leading researchers from premier universities, national laboratories, and other scientific institutions. Pure research-oriented technical talent is not generally available within companies and can complement leaders with a detailed and non-biased view of technology evolutions.

Industry Executives

Engagement teams typically feature an inside/outside model. Industry insiders help contextualize ideas and ground the team’s thinking in the strategic realities of an industry. Executives from other industries bring diverse perspectives and lessons learned from other market shifts.

Change Agents

Significant market change often necessitates strategic adjustments that have far-reaching organizational impact. Grayline’s change management experts are typically prior executives with specific training in leadership and organizational design that support our clients’ strategy implementation programs.


Technical Experts


Industry Insiders


Industry Oustiders


Change Agents

Strategic Planning
Enhance strategic planning by incorporating additional inputs and forward-looking analysis. Grayline brings together entrepreneurs, large-company executives, prior government executives, and experts from premier research institutions to help our clients look holistically at emerging market trends.

Machine Learning & AI

Augmented & Virtual Reality

3D Printing & Industrial Robotics

Automation & Transportation

Enterprise & Cybersecurity


Transportation & Logistics

Aerospace & Defense

Energy & Infrastructure

Consumer Products

Enterprise & Consumer Technology

Focus Areas

Smart Cities






Premier Research Institutions

National Laboratories

Prior Large Company Executives

Prior Government Executives

Successful Entrepreneurs

Corporate Innovation

Develop a corporate innovation program that fits your unique requirements and corporate culture, or augment an existing innovation program. Leverage Grayline’s experience working with different types of internal, external, and blended innovation models across industries to maximize investment returns.

Learn From Innovation Models Across Industries

Grayline has the benefit of an industry and capital structure-agnostic view of corporate innovation models. Grayline experts have seen, participated in, or led a variety of different structures. We have seen what works and doesn’t work in different situations. Our teams use this experience to help our clients optimize existing innovation programs or build new programs where none currently exist.

Internal Innovation

Offsite R&D / “skunkworks” programs

Internal disruption teams

External Innovation

M&A and corporate development

Strategic VC investments

Blended Models

Corporate venture teams

JV incubators and accelerators

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