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Grayline Group

Tools to help organizations navigate the increasing pace of global change.

Grayline Group

Tools to help organizations navigate the increasing pace of global change.

Why We Exist

Technology is changing faster than business models, and globalization has magnified the threat surface for companies, investors, and governments. Change creates opportunity and risk.

Grayline Group brings together experts, data, and solutions to help business and government leaders manage transformation resulting from technological and socioeconomic catalysts.


What We Offer

At Grayline, we’ve assembled an expert network and proprietary methodology that is designed to help organizations proactively identify emerging market shifts, make informed strategic decisions, and build adaptable organizations.

Our website offers insights to help understand the catalysts that are changing the foundations upon which we build strategy. In addition to these free resources, we provide data, analysis, and resources to help customers understand the maturity and implications of these catalysts in order to make better strategic decisions. Customers can also work directly with our team via workshops and advisory services to more specifically map these shifts to their operations and organizational priorities.

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Global catalysts are technological and socioeconomic forces that change the shape of the global economy, compelling companies and public entities to adapt.


The increasing transition from traditional to additive and autonomous manufacturing represents a fundamental shift that will alter global trade, with significant economic and political implications.


The nature and value of work is changing as a result of converging demographic, socioeconomic, and technological forces, creating new challenges for leaders.


Cities worldwide are transforming as a result of global urbanization pressures, the transportation revolution, and new forms of technology-enabled infrastructure, creating new opportunities and challenges for business and city leaders.


Global energy dynamics are poised to shift as battery technology enables renewables to become economically viable without government subsidies, with financial impacts that cascade far beyond the energy sector.


The accelerating pace of change enabled by computers and software is creating an environment where technology outpaces the adaptability of our business, political, and social institutions, which will continue to create and destroy industries.

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We understand that it is easy to drown in a sea of information.  Grayline helps our audience sort the signal from the noise and maintain global situational awareness on developments that are truly transformational. Consider our newsletter as a tool to look beyond the bounds of traditional industry walls.

We bring a big-picture, cross-sector perspective that is a complement to other information services that focus on individual industry dynamics and industry-specific incremental developments.

Expect to receive observations and insights from our team on a regular basis.