Dynamic, data-driven presentations to support conferences and events.

The Grayline Group executive team supports conferences and corporate events around the world. Grayline brings deep expertise in the technological and socioeconomic catalysts that are reshaping industries, as well as leadership and organization-building experience across industries. Our speakers are engaging, insightful, and focused on making your event a success.

Presentation Topics

We work with our clients to best understand your organization and areas of focus in order to build an experience specific to your objectives and group dynamics. 

Featured Topics: Workforce Development, Cities & Urban Mobility, Leadership and Change Management, Strategy Development in Rapidly Changing Times


Bringing teams together to address real issues.

Grayline workshops provide a structured process to help organizations identify and react to areas of emerging change. Our team provides guided sessions leveraging out expertise in context of your business situation and industry dynamic. 

The result: Clients develop actionable plans to better understand potential areas of risk and opportunity, so that proactive steps can be taken to maximize opportunity.


We do a multi-step discovery with our clients to best understand your organization and areas of focus in order to build an experience specific to your objectives and group dynamics.

Our workshops are very flexible from a topic perspective, as we have a variety of experts that we bring together to support our clients. 

Workshops typically follow a full-day format, facilitated by 2-3 experts from the Grayline team who bring diverse perspectives to complement our client expertise.



  • Implications of emerging technology to your industry and company
  • Implications of socioeconomic and political shifts to your industry and company
  • Innovation models to facilitate adaptability and agility in a rapidly changing world

Our goal is for workshop groups to leave with an actionable, data-driven playbook to drive strategic corporate initiatives.



“We recently hosted large transportation technology summit as a part of CES in Las Vegas using Joseph as our facilitator and lunchtime speaker. I am still receiving comments from attendees about how AMAZING he was. The amount of research and effort he put into learning about our community, our industry, and our speakers’ bios was unlike anything I have experienced. I was nervous about the event because it was our first of such magnitude, but within 10 minutes of him starting the program, my heart was bursting with pride. I knew right away it was going to be a successful day due wholly to his energy, competence and communication skills.”

Tina Quigley
Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada


“Bret is a clear, insightful, and knowledgeable speaker and business executive. In front of an audience of 400, we recorded a podcast on entrepreneurship where he shared insights on business strategy, talent management, and innovation. He made connections with the audience quickly through storytelling and relevant examples. I am a fan, and look forward to our next opportunity to feature Bret because he makes an impact!”

Steve Mumm
VP of Operations for General Electric’s Accelerated Leadership Program

Michael Webber

“Joseph is always entertaining and knowledgeable. I have seen him speak dozens of times and audiences love him. His range of expertise — energy, transportation, security, leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship policy, and public service—is astonishing. He is my go-to-guy when I am organizing a public event and I need a keynote speaker to share insights in an engaging way.”

Michael Webber, PhD
Chief Science and Technology Officer at ENGIE


“Joseph is one of the best public speakers you will ever experience. His energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration fills the entire room, big or small. You will leave that room feeling ready to take on the world. He can speak at a very high level about important trends in business, politics, and beyond, but he will also speak with great detail and nuance about your group or company.”

Craig Cummings
General Partner at Moonshots Capital

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