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Our expert team creates and presents dynamic, data-driven showcases on key catalysts that are changing the global economy. These presentations can be from single experts or groups and are formatted to support conferences and corporate events.



Our workshops enable our experts and analysts to engage directly with customer teams to provide organization-specific intelligence and strategy support. Our process helps customers identify where catalysts will most likely challenge and/or enhance their operations going forward. With our unique exercises and group-work approach, Grayline workshops provide hands-on methods that lead to business results.



Grayline’s advisory services offer a formatted approach to incorporate external research and expertise into strategy, corporate development, and investment decision processes.

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Contributors, Partner Organizations, and Core Team Opportunities


Our community thrives by integrating experts and big-thinkers in core and emerging focus areas to help challenge our views and explore the layers of implications that result from broad community conversation. We are always looking for experts in diverse fields to engage on key topics and support analytic efforts.



Our guiding philosophy is that the breadth and complexity of emerging change necessitates partnerships between organizations in different disciplines. These transformations are too big to understand and address in isolation, which is why we make a habit of connecting companies and institutions across industry to nurture a global network centered on understanding and responding to technological innovation. If your company wants to join the conversation, it starts here.



We are always looking for passionate technologists to help grow our core team, please stay tuned and connect with us on social media for specific job postings.

Catalyst Monitor

Tools to enable strategic agility in the face of change.

We understand that it is easy to drown in a sea of information. The shifting business model of media from news to entertainment has created an environment where everything is presented as breathtaking, transformative, and essential. In reality this of course is not the case – many developments are interesting, some are important, and few are transformative at a global scale.

Grayline helps our network and customers sort the signal from the noise and maintain global situational awareness on the developments that are truly transformational.

Consider our newsletter and our subscription products as a tool to look beyond the bounds of traditional industry walls. We bring a big-picture, cross-sector perspective that is a complement to other information services that focus on individual industry dynamics and industry-specific incremental developments.

Expect to receive observations and insights from our team on a regular basis, as well as occasional information extracted from products and service engagements.