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Bringing Teams Together to Enable Productive Problem Solving

Grayline workshops provide a structured process to help organizations identify and react to areas of emerging change. Each workshop is customized based on the specific areas of organizational focus. Our team provides expertise in the technological or socioeconomic area of focus, analysis on how change is affecting other organizations and industries, and a guided process to explore the specific strategic implications. 

Clients develop actionable plans to better understand potential areas of risk and opportunity, so that proactive steps can be taken to maximize opportunity. Team members will be better informed of how the environment is changing, where the organization is most exposed to risk and positioned for opportunity, and how they can help be part of the solution.

How it Works

We work with our clients to best understand your organization and areas of focus in order to build an experience specific to your objectives and group dynamics. Our workshops are very flexible from a topic perspective, as we have a variety of experts that we bring together to support our clients. Most of our workshops are a full-day format, although we have both a half-day and a two-day format and can work with clients to build a program and schedule to fit your needs.

The typical Grayline workshop facilitation team is 3-4 people. We find that having a subject matter expert in the focus topic (smart cities, blockchain, future of work, etc.), paired with a strategist who is looking at broad industry implications and an industry expert that specifically understands the client’s industry to be a powerful combination.

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Global Catalysts

  • Emerging Technology

    Explore the future implications of emerging technologies that drive broad, cross-industry effects organizations need to adapt to.

  • Socioeconomic Shifts

    Identify how shifting socioeconomic forces such as demographics, urbanization, and work are creating new challenges and opportunities.

  • Global Dynamics

    Evaluate global political developments and place them in context of regional or country-specific business opportunities and operations.

Innovation Models

  • Open Innovation

    Internal and externally-driven open innovation programs to enable organization-wide problem solving & change management.

  • Organizational Agility

    Incorporate organizational models and best practices from other industries to facilitate agile, productive, and collaborative teams.

  • Strategic Flexibility

    Identify focus areas where agile strategic planning processes may benefit the organization, in context of changing technological and socioeconomic market conditions.

Problems We Help Solve

Implications of Emerging Technology

We live in a time of rapid change, and even the most proactive and forward-looking organizations cannot be expert at everything. Grayline helps organizations understand emerging technologies, and if and how they are beginning to affect industries. With this data and Grayline’s facilitation process, teams are able to have informed and productive discussions about real risks and opportunities, resulting in near-term action plans. Workshop topics include artificial intelligence and machine learning, cybersecurity, augmented reality, transportation technology, and blockchain.


Implications of Socioeconomic and Political Shifts

The global economic and strategic environment is changing as a result of a variety of social, economic, and political trends, many of which overlap with emerging technological shifts. All organizations that hire, sell, and operate in global markets need to understand these forces. Grayline helps organizations specifically understand what is happening, how it affects the market environment, how other organizations are being impacted, and what they can do to maximize strategic position. Workshop topics include demographics, work, urbanization, geopolitics, and trade.

Innovation Models to Facilitate Adaptability

Open innovation workshops enable organizational change to find innovative solutions internally and externally to current and future problems through an open innovation approach. Our innovation framework actively guides clients through strategy, open innovation pilot projects, and portfolio analysis. Teams analyze research and development portfolios and business models to identify their top needs for innovative solutions, and establish action plans to pursue those solutions.


Strategic Planning Models to Facilitate Agility

Grayline’s strategic planning process features modules on risk evaluation, information management systems, intent-based planning, and strategic agility. Workshops can be oriented around the strategic planning processes, or subsets of the process applied to specific categories of emerging technological or socioeconomic change. Teams work together to build actionable plans to test different ways to pursue opportunities resulting from changing environmental conditions.

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