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Tyler Johnson

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Tyler Johnson is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years of proven corporate experience in global technology sales and service organizations. With a decade of experience working in Asia, Johnson specializes in developing diverse relationships and building infrastructure in emerging and foreign markets. Johnson has worked with some of the world’s largest foreign and domestic companies to help them execute their business strategies. He has extensive expertise in strategic growth planning, Fortune 50 executive leadership, international expansion, geopolitical enterprise, multicultural leadership diversity and is actively invested in Asian-based start-ups.

He has led organizations within the U.S. Public, U.S. Health Care, U.S. Corporate Enterprise, China Multi-National Corporation (MNC), Asia Pacific & Japan (APJ) Professional Services and APJ End-User Software General Management.  Johnson also served as the Managing Site Director in Shanghai, which was responsible for cross-functional operations, government relations and employee local cultural initiatives.

In addition to start-up investments in Asia, Johnson co-founded a US based software start-up which helps military Veterans transition into the civilian workplace called Your6usa.

His business acumen and subject matter proficiency extend to a variety of tech-based solutions, including IT consulting and outsourcing, cloud-based platforms, deployment services and point-of-sale solutions. He is skilled at growing business infrastructure, streamlining operations, developing new go-to-market offerings and enhancing customer experience metrics.

Johnson was the recipient of two Worldwide Leadership Awards at Dell: the Worldwide Global Business Manager of Year and the Worldwide Executive Inspiring Leader Award. He has a bachelor degree in psychology from the University of North Dakota.

In his free time, Johnson tries to keep up with his three kids.

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