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Shane Walsh

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Shane Walsh is Chief Operating Officer of AQUILA Commercial. As the Chief Operating Officer, Shane wears many hats. He leads the company’s operations and strategy, while also assisting with special projects critical to integration and expansion of AQUILA.

Shane has a history of helping others succeed. Prior to joining the AQUILA team, he co-founded venture capital firm Arena Growth Partners, where he worked with leaders of early stage growth businesses to help them scale. During his time at the firm, Shane was responsible for launching the fund, including fundraising, compliance and establishing back office functionality. Additionally, he has advised a number of start-ups and small businesses through mentorships with both Techstars and Bunker Labs.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Shane left his home state to attend Boston College. Immediately after graduation he proudly served four years as a Tank Platoon Leader and Tank Company Executive Officer of an M1A1 Tank Company in the United States Army, before returning to Texas and to civilian life. Shane’s experience spans several industries, from industrial equipment to financial services, and he has a deep background in operating and scaling businesses.

Shane has an appetite for competition and has completed over 30 triathlons, including sprint, Olympic and half-iron races. More on Shane can be found here.


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