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Robert Hansen

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Robert Hansen is a 22-year veteran in computer security, known to many in the industry by handle “RSnake”. Robert’s early career was at eBay, where he was responsible for authentication as well as most anti-fraud systems and anti-phishing technologies. His work at eBay was later built into every modern web browser, and is now protecting every Internet user as a result.

After eBay, Robert started ha.ckers.org, a web security proving ground that had over twenty thousand hackers and security experts visiting it and attacking it per dayHis lab was at one point responsible for developing one third of all the top-ranked web vulnerabilities.

Robert later starting a consulting company, where under contract he hacked into the back end of over 2,100 banks, credit card processors, flight control systems, SCADA (water and power) control systems, and other security companies.

During this time, Robert also built the most secure web application security hosting platform in the world (Armored Stack), surviving over 15 million attacks in 8 years, and rivaled only by White House networks. Since then, Robert has met regularly with various agencies and private industry on security research and policy issues.

Currently, Robert is a floating CISO for multiple companies and sits on advisory boards of multiple technology and security companies, as well as the .trust top level domain. He is a frequent keynote speaker and is on the speaker selection committee for Blackhat and Hack in the Box.  He is the Chairman and Founder of OutsideIntel which is focused on corporate discovery and business intelligence.  His current passion is for machine learning, building inexpensive big-data solutions and blogging about how to become a completely mobile executive at The Smart Phone Exec.

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