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Grayline Presents : Blockchain Monitor

Industry Implications of Blockchain: A Situational Awareness Tool for Professionals

We are proud to announce an email newsletter that helps subscribers sort through the noise and hype around blockchain. Grayline’s Blockchain Monitor™ helps you identify how and when these technologies will drive structural change within and across industries. The tool also exposes you to new business and operational models that are emerging out of the blockchain featureset.

What You Get

  • Bi-weekly Blockchain Monitor, highlighting the most important developments in the space to keep you up to up to date on what you need to know, delivered via email.

  • In-depth profiles showing how companies, investment groups, and public institutions are incorporating or building upon blockchain technologies.

  • Expert interviews providing unique access and insights from the most important and innovative people in industry.

  • A trusted voice to help sort through the noise and identify emerging developments and implementations that are truly transformative.

“Regardless of what you think about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, the topic of blockchain is pervasive. The Blockchain Monitor helps me filter the signal from the noise, separating the real from the hype so I can focus on what matters for my business.”

Jeff Eller
Founder, Jeff Eller Group; EVP, Hill + Knowlton Strategies (2013 – 2014); Chairman, President and CEO, Public Strategies (2006 – 2014); Director of Media Affairs, The White House (1993 – 1994)


Dive In

The Blockchain Monitor helps professionals sort through the noise to understand the industry implications of emerging blockchain technologies. We are all inundated with news and breathless announcements on blockchain, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and the like. We know that most professionals do not have time to grind through the internet to sort through what matters and what doesn’t. The Blockchain Monitor is does the work for you (and more!) so that you can quickly understand the reality of blockchain technology, and its potential implications – beyond the hype. It is extremely important to have a grounded understanding of the real implications and a sense for when, how, and why these innovations matter.

We built the Blockchain Monitor to be a trusted voice to help customers understand the emerging industry implications of blockchain technology. There are a lot of important changes occurring around the world right now, which are going to ultimately affect businesses and governments in a significant way. While we see blockchain as one of these changes, we appreciate that it can be really difficult to sort through all the noise to understand what is actually happening. This is not an investment newsletter and we’re not trying to be bitcoin millionaires here – we just want to help customers understand where this technology is going to intersect with our careers, societies, and lives in the coming years.

Our Goals

  • Provide a fundamental understanding of key, transformative technical concepts around blockchain

  • Identify and showcase business and institutional players who are creating real enduring value within blockchain technology with broad industry implications

  • Help put into context regulatory developments and other risks and their implications to organizations, users, and developers of blockchain-based applications

What We’re Not

  • The Blockchain Monitor is not targeted towards cryptocurrency investors. We limit investor-related information or discussion, in so far as it does not help inform a situational understanding of the broader blockchain ecosystem.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

“Blockchain is already having an impact on the ideas of ‘money’ and ‘value’ and will have profound impact on policy and business going forward. The Blockchain Monitor has helped provide me a diverse survey of what is happening in blockchain not only in the U.S. but around the world. The examples they provide and the resources they lead me to have been very helpful in enhancing my understanding of this technology.”

Steven Adamske
Senior Policy Advisor and Director of Public Affairs, U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (2011-2017); Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Department of Treasury (2010-2011); Communications Director, Financial Services Committee, U.S. House of Representatives (2005-2010)


“I am focused on my ad tech business but I keep hearing how ‘blockchain’ is going to disrupt digital advertising. I don’t buy it, but I definitely need to stay up to speed so I can decide if and when I need to pay closer attention. I have used the Blockchain Monitor to develop a real sense of where things stand with blockchain, so I can focus on what is in front of me.”

Chris Treadaway
CEO, Polygraph Media; Product Management, Microsoft (2005-2008); Co-Founder, Stratfor (1997-2000)

Chris Treadaway

The Team

You’re in Expert Hands

Grayline has partnered with Blockchain Intel to provide the expertise for the Blockchain Monitor.

Blockchain Intel is a consortium of experts that includes serial entrepreneurs and investors who specialize in the blockchain space. We also tap into our deep connections throughout the entire blockchain ecosystem. Our team brings with them varied experiences from the worlds of social media, journalism, top-tier business management consulting and strategic advisory companies, academia, and government. We identify the latest and most critical updates along with providing seasoned analysis which can be used by investors and others who impact and are affected by the world of blockchain technology.

How It Works

You pay for our Blockchain Monitor information product, and we send bi-weekly email updates exclusively to our premium subscribers. These updates include:

  • Overviews of key concepts you need to know
  • Updates on the developments that affect broader industry strategy
  • Deep dives into what companies are doing to leverage blockchain tech
  • Expert interviews with the most important people in industry

Our goal is be a trusted voice to help you sort through the noise in the blockchain space. Questions, recommendations or further insight? Let us know and we’ll do our best to integrate into future releases!

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Who The Blockchain Monitor Is For

Business Professionals

Forward-looking professionals at companies and investment firms who are not directly exposed to cryptocurrencies, but who need to know when and how blockchain developments intersect with industry and company strategy. Blockchain applications will become increasingly important for a variety of industry applications, and careers and organizations alike will benefit from foresight into these emerging developments.


Public Sector Professionals

Federal, state, and city officials, and those who support the public sector, that need to think proactively around how blockchain technologies affect both existing and future policy, provide new opportunities, and create new challenges. The distributed trust mechanisms inherent in blockchain will enable entirely new ways of thinking about governance, identity, and services management.

Career-Minded Individuals

Early and mid-career professionals have both a challenge and opportunity to align their skills with emerging macro trends to ensure they remain on the leading edge of their industries and career fields. Blockchain will be an increasingly important element of the global economy for decades, and represents an opportunity for career enhancement in entirely new fields that will emerge alongside blockchain technologies.


Globally Engaged Citizens

Globally engaged, forward-thinking individuals from all fields who are interested to better understand how emerging technologies are reshaping our societies and communities. Blockchain development is global; the Blockchain Monitor helps sort through the noise to understand what is happening around the world, how initiatives in other regions of the world may differ from those here in the US, and how that will affect our lives.

Be more informed.