Michael Arustamov


Michael Arustamov is an international business executive with over 20 years of experience in global energy and financial markets. He has developed partnerships, led operations, and conducted business in dozens of countries on 6 continents in multiple industries over the course of his career. Michael is an expert in international business issues, political risk, and cross-cultural negotiations, and has dealt extensively with foreign governments and international corporations. He leverages this experience to assist clients with international strategy, M&A, project valuations, negotiations, and partnerships.

Additionally, Michael is focused on emerging technologies for clean renewable energy, robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and their growing utility in extraction industry and specialized projects.  He also is working on a project involving secure communications and corporate network protection.

Previously Michael served as a senior executive at Anadarko Petroleum, one of the largest US-based independent oil & gas exploration and production companies, where he was responsible for multiple new country entries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East/North Africa. In addition to developing projects and managing government and local-partner relationships, Michael hired and oversaw the firm’s extensive security and information services providers.

Michael maintains an extensive network of international business relationships in various regions of the world, helping his clients thoughtfully evaluate and enter select emerging and frontier markets. He has lived and extensively travelled abroad, speaks fluent Russian, and converses in Spanish and several minor indo-European languages.

Michael has degrees in petroleum engineering and business & finance and resides with his family in the Houston area.

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