The Grayline Methodology

A structured process for understanding and responding to the 2nd and 3rd order effects of systemic change.

The Current Environment

We are on the precipice of several generational transformations that will reshape the global system, creating opportunity and risk for all organizations.

Markets evolve in steps–long incremental growth followed by short periods of transformation. Transformation reorders market and geopolitical hierarchies, creating winners, losers, and new entrants. Adapting to these shifts in large, efficient organizations is structurally difficult, even in the best organizations. History demonstrates that most incumbents are diminished during these periods of transformation.

Technology is shortening the cycle time between the catalysts that ignite these transformations. Simultaneously, globalization continues to increase the horizontal diffusion of change–everything is connected, and we have become more exposed to the effects of change in other industries and regions than ever before. Maintaining global situational awareness through traditional channels is difficult, as the media has become an entertainment business.

Essential Organizational Tasks


Identify that a significant shift is occurring that will impact the organization with enough time to react.


Decide if and how to react to mitigate risk and seize emerging opportunities.

Change Management

Align the organization to the new strategy–structure, incentives, and people.

Risks & Opportunities

Helping businesses and public institutions adapt in an interconnected and rapidly changing world.

  • Markets evolve in steps: long incremental growth followed by short periods of transformation.

  • Technology is shortening the cycle between market evolutions.

  • Globalization is increasing the cross-industry spillover effects of change.

  • Several catalysts are emerging that will broadly change market realities.

  • Change creates opportunity and risk.

Tools & Processes

Grayline’s technology experts and proven frameworks strategically map shifts for your organization.

How We Help


Incorporate external data, analysis, and insights to help your organization evaluate the likelihood, velocity, and magnitude of emerging market shifts.


Enhance your organization’s capability and flexibility with unique expertise that only comes from specific experience researching and working with companies around emerging catalysts.


Identify industry-specific implications, risks, and opportunities that result from the intersection of industry strategy and the emerging systemic shifts.


Identify emerging companies and in-market technology solutions to help your organization adapt and position for success in the face of impending disruptive change.

Our Process

Understand the changing environment 

Bring together experts and data to understand what is changing, how fast change is occurring, and how change will impact industries and public institutions.


Contextualize client implications

Industry veterans work with our experts to help clients specifically understand how market shifts impact industry and company strategy.


Identify and pursue solutions

Strategy support to help clients adapt and position their organizations to avoid risks and pursue opportunities inherent in every market shift.

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