Kelly Doyle


A highly regarded construction technology professional, Kelly Doyle is known throughout the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry for his ability to integrate new technologies and improved processes to enable more effective teams while increasing the company’s bottom line.

With more than two decades of military and industry operations leadership, Kelly brings a unique perspective to innovation and digital transformation at scale within the AEC industry. As a Project Manager, he employed multiple new and emerging technologies in the field, providing him first-hand experience with the pain of duplicative work from disjointed processes and data silos. As a construction technologist, Kelly developed a unique capability to design systems that combine emerging technologies while driving huge efficiency gains. His expertise has afforded him opportunities to deliver programmatic data visibility for multi-site programs serving global clients spanning thousands of locations. Kelly has parleyed these experiences to lead a construction technology consulting practice advising contractors and real estate owners on technology selection, and served as the chief analyst for the JBKnowledge Annual Construction Technology Report, a well-respected and often-referenced industry report. Most recently Kelly served as the chief operating officer of ProjectReady, a technology platform designed to help the AEC work better together by integrating the software platforms they use every day.

Kelly began his career as an officer in the United States Army serving in both staff and command roles. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, where he studied management and computer science.

Kelly is a regular contributor on industry podcasts and webinars and serves as the Digital Twin Moderator for the Construction Progress Coalition’s monthly roundtable events.


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