Kathryn Seckman


Kathryn Seckman is the Executive Director of Strategy and Analysis at Grayline Group where she works with organizations to pursue the “what ifs” of industry disruption, craft strategic communications, and enable informed decision making.

Kathryn (Katie) began her career analyzing transnational threats and providing geopolitical risk advisory services to Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries. She has designed, built, and led multiple teams of analysts charged with providing actionable insights to global C-suite executives and Boards of Directors on myriad issues ranging from automotive technologies to military coups. Many of the Board reporting methodologies designed by Katie and her team remain in use today.

Katie most recently was with General Motors Company, where in 2017 she joined the Global Public Policy team at headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. She was responsible for leading analysis on global trade policy and tariff impacts, as she worked across business units to align business and policy objectives. She participated in national labor negotiations, wrote strategy alignment briefs for Policy, Legal, Manufacturing, and Labor senior executives, and led critical support and communications for CEO engagement in key business associations and boards.

She subsequently developed a Workforce Strategy portfolio for GM’s Global Human Resources team, leading the cross-functional strategy design and implementation of inclusive “future of work” principles, including skills-based, Second Chance, and career re-entry hiring. Katie built local and national networks of public and private sector people and organizations committed to helping GM lead in innovative workforce design, employee engagement practices, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. She is an astute observer of business and societal megatrends and is passionate about leveraging the opportunities that exist at the intersection of business strategy and economic, education, and workforce policies.

Katie is a Fulbright Scholar, holds an MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University, and a BA in International Relations from Drake University. She resides in Colorado and is an avid skier, kayaker, and mountain biker.


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