Greg Hiebert


Greg Hiebert has over 37 years of practicing, studying, teaching and coaching leadership. Upon graduation from the United States Military Academy in 1981, Greg served in a host of elite Army units to include two assignments with the 82nd Airborne Division where he served as an infantry unit commander and Battalion primary staff officer. Based upon his leadership academic performance, he was selected to teach leadership and organizational change at the United States Military Academy where he earned the highest educator ratings for teacher excellence and selected as the only non-tenured faculty member to teach the Academy’s graduate program on leadership and organizational change while serving as the Program Director for the Academy’s core leadership course.

In 1993, McKinsey & Company, a global strategic consulting firm, recruited Greg to continue his focus on issues of leadership and organizational change in the private sector. BellSouth Telecommunications, a McKinsey Client, recruited Greg to form a small internal strategic consulting and organizational transformation group. As a key operational and strategic executive, he led several large-scale organizational change initiatives to include the creation of a $4 billion Small Business unit that included 22 call centers and 2200 employees serving 1.5 million customers. Greg was recruited away by a startup competitor where as Vice President of Operations he led a team of network and software engineers that developed and delivered e-business and Internet integration solutions to clients.

Greg then joined a global executive search firm, Egon Zehnder International, and provided human capital consulting services to clients consisting of senior executive search and assessment, succession planning, leadership development, and organizational effectiveness. In 3 years, he conducted over 50 searches at the “C” level serving several Fortune 100 clients. He also implemented several large-scale senior executive assessment projects that provided client CEOs and their Boards with an in-depth assessment of their organization’s senior leadership supply.

Following his deep passion for teaching and coaching leadership, Greg started his own consulting company in 2002 to provide clients with results focused leadership education and development solutions at the senior and operational leadership levels. Over the last 16 years at leadershipForward, Greg and his firm have provided executive and team coaching to thousands of executives; organizational assessment and development consulting; leadership assessment, customized curriculum development and delivery of management and executive education, executive team facilitation, strategic planning, talent management and succession planning, rapid cycle improvement engagements, organizational and cultural change. A majority of leadershipForward’s clients are healthcare organizations especially hospitals that embrace the need for serving leadership as an key enabler of organizational success.

Greg is the author of the Amazon Best Seller, “You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have: Creating the 7 Habits that Make a Remarkable Life.” In this book, Greg shares the insights he has gained over his career on how each of us can have a more fulfilling and meaningful life by being more intentional and disciplined in our lives through being more purposeful; cultivating greater positivity; deepening our social bonds; reflecting on gratitude; promoting hope and optimism; being mindful and making movement parts of our daily lives.

On a personal front, Greg’s father was a career Army Officer to include being a Green Beret. Greg was the 2nd of six children and all eventually went into the military. When one of his brothers retired two years ago, it ended 117 years of his family’s active duty service to our Nation. Greg has been married for 36 years to Claudia, a Pediatric Nurse. They have four children, two grandchildren and reside in Atlanta, Georgia.


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