Services for Investors

Helping venture capital, private equity, and institutional investors evaluate opportunities and align investment strategy with emerging technology and market trends.

Due Diligence

Scaleable, vetted expert network to evaluate technology and product-market fit via Grayline’s methodology and opportunity evaluation process.

Investment Strategy

Forward-looking views on technology and market trends, leveraging expertise from industry and premier research institutions.

Portfolio Acceleration

On-call mentorship and organizational support from experienced executives and entrepreneurs to support technology commercialization and business success.

Gaps We Help Investors Fill

Gaps We Help Investors Fill


Source, manage, and quality control a broad due diligence network of industry and technology experts in a cost-efficient manner


Ensure investment strategy is aligned with an uncertain and rapidly changing future market and operating environment


Bring together the right types of talent to help portfolio companies accelerate growth or get unstuck when need arises

Due Diligence Network

Increase your available time to focus on deals by partnering with Grayline to augment or outsource your due diligence network. We offer both a scaleable, cost-efficient expert network and an internally managed evaluation process to decrease the cost and increase the quality of your expert due diligence program.

Formal Due Diligence Methodology

Rigorous and internally managed methodology designed to evaluate investment opportunities from multiple vectors, giving investors the data and confidence needed to make important investment decisions.

Technology Evaluation

  • Technology assessment from leading scientists and industry experts
  • Broader evaluation of potential for future disruption or acceleration

Market Evaluation

  • Deep dive into product-market fit and potential commercialization strategies
  • Forward-looking market evaluation in context of emerging market shifts

Human Capital Evaluation

  • Focused assessment of leadership, talent, and human capital
  • Formally trained leadership experts evaluate internal culture and organizational dynamics
Process-Driven Outputs

Investment Strategy Support

Derisk investment strategy by incorporating additional inputs and forward-looking analysis. We support our clients by bringing together entrepreneurs, large-company executives, prior government executives, and experts from premier research institutions to look holistically at emerging market trends.


Machine Learning & AI

Augmented & Virtual Reality

3D Printing & Industrial Robotics

Automation & Transportation

Enterprise & Cybersecurity


Transportation & Logistics

Aerospace & Defense

Energy & Infrastructure

Consumer Products

Enterprise & Consumer Technology

Focus Areas

Smart Cities






Premier Research Institutions

National Laboratories

Prior Large Company Executives

Prior Government Executives

Successful Entrepreneurs

Accelerating Portfolio Company Success

Tactical, focused support to help your portfolio companies develop and execute go-to-market strategy. We leverage our team’s experience, expertise, and extended networks to help growing companies achieve commercial success.

On-Demand Support to Solve Problems and Drive Growth

Incorporate Grayline’s experience working with startups and growing companies to benefit your portfolio on an as-needed basis. We are specifically focused on helping companies build commercial ecosystems to support revenue growth.

Advisory Workshops

  • Problem-solving or growth-oriented sessions
  • Can be structured as-needed or on a recurring basis

Formal Strategy Development

  • Longer-term strategy co-development with internal team
  • Typically occurs over a 4-12 week period with several internal milestones

Commercial Ecosystem Development

  • Leverage Grayline’s industry networks and commercial relationships
  • Opportunity identification, introductions, and direct meeting support

Broad Portfolio Management Support

Third-party support to facilitate management and oversight of diverse portfolios of technology programs or investments. Leverage experts and entrepreneurs to monitor, support, mentor, and facilitate the success of important programs.

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