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Grayline Products

We are building a stack of information products to help professionals and organizations make better decisions to understand and adapt to emerging tech.

Towards this end, we are moving in three different directions with respect to our product architecture. The first tier is our Monitor products, designed to provide professionals with situational awareness on emerging tech. The second tier is our data portal, which provides decision-making support for enterprises. The third tier is direct support to organizations, delivered via workshops and advisory services.

Monitor Products

Email-based, easy-to-consume products to help professionals understand what is happening in emerging tech, and how it intersects with traditional industries.

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Decision-Making Tools for Enterprises

Data Portal

Expert analysis and useful data to help enterprises understand the direction, timing, and implications of emerging tech and socioeconomic change.

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Direct Support to Organizations


Benefit from direct interaction with the Grayline team to identify organization-specific strategic implications, opportunities, and risks.

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Our initial situational awareness product, the Blockchain Monitor, launched in Q1 2018. We plan to launch new products every few months going forward. Look for more Monitor products that cover other areas of emerging tech to be launched throughout 2018 and beyond.

Our data portal is also in development, and will launch later in 2018. In the interim, we offer a variety of workshops and direct consulting services to help organizations identity and plan for emerging areas of change. Please reach out to us via one of the forms below if you’d like to better understand our products or launch schedule–and join our newsletter to stay up to date on product announcements.

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Blockchain Monitor



Stay tuned for updates on our next product launches. We are also interested in your input to help ensure that we align our priorities with your priorities. Please fill out our survey and let us know what you care about. 

Situational Awareness Tools for Professionals

Monitor Products

The Monitor products provide easy-to-consume email-based information that helps busy professionals sort through hype in various areas of emerging tech to better understand the cross-industry implications of what is happening. The Blockchain Monitor, our first Monitor product, will joined by a family of similar products that cover major catalysts that are changing the world.

These products, which are typically delivered every 1-2 weeks, provide an overview of recent developments, profiles of what organizations are doing to respond, and interviews with executives and innovators who are working through strategic decisions in the space.


Blockchain Monitor


Transportation Monitor

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We will continue to release new Monitor products every few months. Please join our email list to stay connected, and fill out our survey to tell us what you are interested in.

Decision-Making Support for Enterprises

Enterprise Information Product

(Coming Soon) Our data portal will help organizations evaluate the likelihood, velocity, and magnitude of emerging catalysts that are influencing and in some cases reshaping industries with data, analysis, and insights. Key product elements include data, expert analysis, situational awareness, and emerging innovations.

Useful Data

Expert Analysis

Situational Awareness

Innovation Database

Coming Soon : Data Portal for Enterprises

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Direct Support to Organizations

Workshops + Consulting

We are a team of business leaders, subject matter experts, and combat veterans who have come together to focus our expertise on the catalysts that are reshaping the world around us. We are action-oriented team builders, who thrive in complex, uncertain environments to help our clients win.

Experts. Cross-functional teams of thematic experts, industry executives, and business and public sector strategists.

Data. Unique insights resulting from dedicated global research teams and catalyst evaluation methodology.

Solutions. Identify and support early-stage companies building unique solutions to emerging problems.

Grayline Workshops

Grayline workshops provide a structured process to help organizations identify and react to areas of emerging change. Each workshop is customized based on the specific areas of organizational focus. Our team provides expertise in the technological or socioeconomic area of focus, analysis on how change is affecting other organizations and industries, and a guided process to explore the specific strategic implications.

In addition to workshops, Grayline experts provide dynamic, data-driven presentations to support conferences and corporate events.





Advisory Services

The intersection of technology and geostrategy is more important and volatile than ever before. Grayline consulting teams help clients understand the changing environment in context of their strategy and organizational priorities, in order to pursue proactive solutions.

For companies. Helping corporate leaders identify and react to shifting technology and market conditions. Our advisory teams support client executives and boards across a variety of industries and regions.

For investors. Helping VC, PE, and government investors conduct due diligence, align investment strategy with emerging market shifts, and accelerate growth within their portfolio companies.

For governments. Helping city, regional, and national leaders evaluate how emerging technologies will present new opportunities and risks to the public sector, and make informed policy decisions.