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Bringing together experts, data, and solutions to help companies and public institutions manage disruptive change.

What We Believe

What We Believe


Markets evolve in steps: long incremental growth followed by short periods of transformation


Technology is shortening the cycle time between market evolutions


Globalization is increasing the cross-industry spillover effects of change


Several forces are emerging that will broadly change market realities


Change creates opportunity and risk

Who We Support


Helping leaders identify and react to shifting technology and market conditions. Our advisory teams support client executives and boards across a variety of industries and regions. Learn more or contact us at


Helping VC, PE, and government investors conduct due diligence, align investment strategy with emerging market shifts, and accelerate growth within their portfolio companies. Learn more or contact us at

Keynotes and Events

Facilitating great industry events, corporate gatherings, and board meetings with insightful and thought-provoking presentations on emerging market shifts. Learn more or contact us at

How We Help



Evaluate the likelihood, velocity, and magnitude of emerging catalysts that are influencing and in some cases reshaping industries with data, analysis, and insights for companies and public institutions.


Enhance your organization’s capability and flexibility with unique expertise that only comes from specific experience researching and working with companies around emerging catalysts.


Identify industry-specific opportunities, solve problems, mitigate risks, and avoid being on the losing end of industry-wide disruptive change resulting from emerging global catalysts.


Identify emerging companies and in-market technology and service-based solutions to help your organization position for success in the face of impending disruptive change.

Our Story

We are a team of business leaders, subject matter experts, and combat veterans who have come together to focus our expertise on the catalysts that are reshaping the world around us. We are action-oriented team builders, who thrive in complex, uncertain environments to help our clients win.

  • Industry and Subject Matter Experts 75%
  • Data and Technology Analysts 65%
  • Business and Public Sector Strategists 90%
  • Entrepreneurs and Investors 60%

Our Process


Understand the Changing Environment

Bring together experts and data to understand what is changing, how fast change is occurring, and how change will impact industries and public institutions.

Contextualize Client Implications

Industry veterans work with our experts to help clients specifically understand how their markets are changing.

Identify and Pursue Solutions

Strategy support to help clients add capability and position their organizations to avoid disruption and pursue new opportunities.

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